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Everything is moving fast, whether it’s a style statement or mobile apps. Plenty of changes updates approaching every other day and to cope up with these trends you need to have the insight and get ready for new confronts around the corner. To make your job easy, we have clipped popular trends for 2020 in the article, take a look and let us know if we have missed something:-

Cashless Payment:

The reason for the huge fame of the e-commerce trade is that you can offer great freedom to your buyers to purchase anytime, anywhere, and without any need for cash payments. Currently, cashless payments have become a common operation. So what will be new in the mobile payment systems in 2020? It’s Google Pay, streamlined with Apple pay offers unique solutions to complete the payments transactions. It’s not optional but it is mandatory to implement these options added by Google. So get ready to implement this exceptional solution which can allow users to enjoy their shopping experience!

Video content:

Videos have now become a top trend in mobile app development and will continue in the next years. Video content gives a quick and easy way to connect with the audience. But it also has some important considerations to keep up with this trend-

Keep it short:

Short and catchy videos are the core part of this. As users don’t have time to wait and see what you intended to express with your clip;

HD videos:

This is another important factor you need to keep in your mind while creating videos. Before adding attractive elements to a video you need to make sure that you offer a high-quality product;

Vertical orientations:

Loads of companies implement this technique and allow users to enjoy the video without switching their devices.

Biometric Authentication:

One other important thing is going to be famous trending this new year- Voice recognition, facial recognition, or fingerprints. However it is not something new, but it will be trending in upcoming years. Password protection and pattern protection are old trends. These authentications will be popular as they are more well-situated for customers to use these gestures whenever they want to unlock the screen or log in. While comparing with traditional protection methods it is more secure and also very fast. You should also learn Human Interface Guidelines to make sure that you know the best practices for implementing this technology.

Vibrant Colors:

Proper utilization of colors can enhance anything. It is one of the most influential tools in the designer’s toolkit. Vibrant colors also play a very important role as a functional element in mobile application designing.

Emotional Experience:

EI is another prominent thing going to be hit in 2020. It is a great technique to make the experience more attractive and wonderful.

Tailor-made interface:

Personalized UX will continue to be a hot trend in 2020. Like the devices, like the frameworks- Native mobile app development or cross-platform app development framework – every user is quite different from another user on the front of instincts, habits. Then why the same UI for every user? How to make the customized screens, interface? This can be achieved by utilizing information already provided by the consumer and by using device sensors. Based on these details, apps can determine if bigger font size is required, or it’s important to make the sound louder when playing videos.

In 2020 we’ll see more apps use those capabilities to make the experience better and this tailored user interface is already utilized by Starbucks. Next time you develop the WooCommerce mobile app, make sure you follow all the popular and demanding trends in your mobile UX.

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