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The Angular JS web framework appeared only a couple of years ago, but it’s already one of the most popular JavaScript web application frameworks around. It’s not very surprising. In the words of its creator Evan You, Angular JS aims to provide all the power and flexibility of other web app frameworks, while remaining light and easy to use. It’s the essence of Angular JS development.

Angular JS lives up to the promise. It provides tons of features in a couple of kilobytes. Thanks to them, you can create high-performance web apps or extend existing ones based on other JavaScript frameworks. No wonder, there are now a lot of Angular JS software developers. But this means that finding really good ones may be difficult. TSH makes it easy.


Angular JS Benefits For Web Developers & Business Enterprises

AngularJS Frontend Development
Custom AngularJS Development
Angular Cross-Platform App Development
Angular REST API Development And Integration
Angular Enterprise Application Development Services
AngularJS Consulting Services

We deliver frontend-ready web development solutions to build appealing and dynamic user interfaces (UIs). We harness the power of the Angular JS framework to make your UI efficient and user-friendly. We have expertise in improving the user experience (UX) and increasing conversions.

We are a leading Angular JS development agency that prefers the latest and best tools, resources, and practices to create customized solutions for clients as per their business requirements. We render flexible, scalable, and versatile web solutions with low cost and high productivity.

We take your ideas to market faster and reach a global audience on any device, anywhere. Without compromising the code quality, AvyaTech renders you the real and hidden benefits of Angular Js cross-platform app development. We make cross-platform app development a viable choice for you.

AvyaTech is an API specialist with loads of experience in offering Angular REST API development and API integration services, using the Angular JS framework. Our app integration and development services help you link main or third-party apps and websites through custom and standard APIs.

We empower your business with user-friendly Angular enterprise application development. We know how to build enterprise apps that simplify and automate complex business processes. We leverage the potential of Angular to build secure and scalable for business purposes.

AvyaTech’s Angular JS development experts have extensive experience in guiding businesses through the transition and developing scalable web solutions. Our experts work closely with your business representatives and consult them for better outcomes. We help you meet the project’s specific requirements in time.

Our Success Stories

Real-World Success Stories through Accomplished Projects

  • Real Estate Agent Marketplace

We helped company grow their business with a responsive WordPress site

“Chandan Kumar and his team always seem to understand my needs provide excellent communication, and executes fast on new development features. I’ve started several internet companies in the last 15 years. I can say with a fact that Chandan Kumar and his team was one of the keys to my success!”

  • Our Storyz

Effortless Event Planning, Built for Speed and Scale.

OurStoryz, an innovative event-planning company based in the United States, envisioned a comprehensive platform redefining how individuals and organizations plan and manage their events. With a focus on creating memorable stories, OurStoryz aimed to provide a user-friendly application that simplifies the event planning process and enhances user experiences.

  • Carpet & Flooring Stores

Carpet Exchange, a prominent speciality floor-covering retailer in the USA, is a one-stop destination for flooring solutions. Carpet Exchange is a key player in the flooring industry with an extensive product catalog spanning categories like carpet, tile, area rugs, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl.

Hire Angular JS Developers

Hire an Angular JS developer of your choice from AvyaTech. Our certified Angular JS talent simply accelerates your Angular development to build scalable mobile and web apps. We have the right skills and talent to offer best-fit tech solutions for mobile and web apps. Hire Angular JS developers for your existing or upcoming projects.



Fixed Cost

Man Month


We have worked with startups as well as established
companies in diverse sectors of the economy.



At Avya Technology, we gather client requirements and understand their vision



We analyze the best practices and tools for the project



Our experts will sit together to devise a cost-effective and efficient project


Design & develop

Craft user-centric designs and develop robust AngularJS applications


Test and deliver

Conduct thorough testing and deliver a polished, final website.

  1. 1

    At Avya Technology, we understand client requirements and project goals.

  2. 2

    At Avya Technology, we analyze best practices and the latest trends in Vue.js.

  3. 3

    Our experts create a detailed project roadmap and timelines.

  4. 4
    Design & Develop

    Craft user-friendly interfaces and robust Vue.js applications.

  5. 5
    Test And Deliver

    At Avya Technology, we understand client requirements and project goals.

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Frequently asked questions

Find quick answers to your most common questions.

What are the benefits of using AngularJS for web development?

Angular JS is a unique choice for developing responsive web apps. The angular framework offers web developers multiple benefits. These benefits include code reusability, plug-and-play functionality, data binding capabilities, Dependency Injection (DI) support, improved server performance, rapid application prototyping, strong community support, and support for MVC architecture.

How much does it cost to develop an AngularJS application?

The Angular JS application development process is complex. The cost of developing an app depends on multiple aspects. The cost is largely concerned with project complexity, deadline, scope, and changing app development needs. Share your exact app development needs and get detailed project consultation from our experts.

How long does it take to develop an AngularJS project?

The timeline to develop an AngularJS project is not fixed. It varies according to changing needs. It is the complexity and scope of the Angular Js development project that decide the time taken by any Angular project.

Can you help migrate my existing project to AngularJS?

Yes, we can help you migrate your existing project to AngularJS. We offer you hidden benefits of Angular for your existing and upcoming projects while undergoing the migration process. Migrating a web app needs developers to rewrite existing codes. We help you get a hassle-free and smooth migration with total data safety.

Will I get post-development support?

Yes, you will get post-development support for Angular JS applications and websites. We are open to responding to any queries that prevent you from getting the best outcomes from your app. Our Angular migration process pays off in the long run.