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It is our earnest request to our visitors and users to first read Our Privacy Policy thoroughly before submitting any kind of personal and confidential data.

This Privacy Policy applies to all visitors who arrive at our website. When you submit your data, you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned herewith.

Scope of AvyaTech Privacy Policy

This policy throws light on the privacy practices of AvyaTech. The scope of the policy is to provide information to our visitors and users on the way information is collected and used at this site. The scope includes:

In this context, we are responsible for the security of your data at our site. However, this privacy policy does not apply to the use of your data by third party websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more.

Please note:

Type of personal information collected at the website

Information related to your visit on our site, viz. browser, operating system, pages browsed, time and duration of visit, date

Method of collecting information from our users and visitors

The primary method of collecting information from you is when you visit our website and submit data about yourself voluntarily. You could be asking about our products and/or services, replying to an email sent by us, register an account with us, or participate in surveys and webinars at our site, and more.

Besides this, information about you is also collected through –

Method of using the information

The data collected is used for our internal purposes like –

Information sharing with third-party

Only under the circumstances mentioned below, your data is shared.


Cookies are software aids or files that store a certain amount of information about your browsing history and behaviour and are stored in your computer. The information that gets stored on these files are technical, related to the site and page that you have visited, your name, and other personal information that you might enter at the site and pages.

The purpose of using cookies is to understand the nature of your interaction with our site. The objective is to provide enhanced experiences to you when you are at our site. Different cookies help us understand different aspects of your browsing experience. For example, we get to know your language preference and set it once-and-for-all. We also get to know the products and services that you prefer so that we can accordingly target the relevant advertisements about our products and services to you, from time to time.
Here are few of the common cookie types that we use.

Your choice to reject and delete cookies

Users have the choice to delete and reject cookies. However, when disabled, you will not be able to take advantage of many features that will enhance your experience. You have the choice to disable cookies at any time by disabling the browser settings.

Social Media

Being a mobile application development company, we feature social media handles of platforms like Facebook, and Twitter on our website. Any kind of interaction with these social media handles is governed by the Privacy Policy of the third-party websites that you visit.

Third-party sites

AvyaTech is a website development company which is why it can have third-party site links. When you choose to click these links, you will be taken out of our website where your experience and browsing session will be determined by the Privacy Policy and the terms & conditions of these third-party websites. We would request all our users to read the policies of every site that they visit.

Retention policy

Your data may be retained with us due to different reasons. It helps us provide better services to you; as well ensure complete compliance with the socio-legal requirements. However, once the purpose is solved, and your personal information is no longer required, the same will delete, store it or isolate it.

Choices that our users and visitors have

Child Policy on Privacy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of kids, which is why we do not ask for any information from visitors who are less than 18 years of age.
In case of any error where data from kids are collected in the absence of parental or guardian consent, and we are informed about the same; we will immediately have the data removed from our server.

General Data Protection Rights (GDPR)

The contact form is GDPR compliant. Once you choose to interact with us at our site, we will take it that you have accepted our Privacy Policy and have consented to collection and use of your data. In case you wish to be physically contacted, we will proceed ahead to do so, only when we receive a written request to do so.


As a company policy, we keep amending the Privacy Policy regularly. We request you to review and read the policy before submitting your personal information, and whenever, you visit this website. Write to us at our email id [email protected] or call us at +91-9818758965 for more information and/or in case of queries.