How to choose a domain name for my website?

When selecting a domain name choose a name that is easy to recall, associates with your brand well, is predictable, and legal. There are so many aspects to consider because a domain name is one of your crucial assets. Contact AvyaTech to assist you in choosing the best domain name.

What is the time taken to design and develop a website?

The time depends on the client and the project. Your deadline, the functionalities you want in the site, your inputs and feedback are some of the things that determine the time. If the written content is ready, the process finishes faster. Hiring experts like AvyaTech also expedites the process.

What is the cost of developing a website?

The development costs are project-specific. Since every project is unique, and developed, as per the requirement and specifications of the client, the development costs cannot be ascertained without assessing your requirement. AvyaTech offers highly cost-effective rates because we work in a well-planned manner, which is time-bound. The development work is done in-house.

Does your company offer maintenance and support after-development?

Yes, AvyaTech offers support and maintenance services because we believe in a long-term relationship. The website needs to be continuously monitored and maintained. We train your administrators to carry out basic amendments and modifications that do not need any coding knowledge. For complex alterations, you can reach out to us.

Am I bound to keep my website with you or can I shift to another website design and development company?

A contract with a well-defined Exit clause is formally signed between you and Avya Tech. The website is your property and the codes are all open-source. Any other developer can work with the codes. We are however, sure that such situations will not arise due to our customer-centric and impeccable services.

Are you going to ensure that my website is SEO-friendly?

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial aspect of website designing and development. It is futile if a site is not oriented as per best SEO practices. AvyaTech has a reputation of making websites that follow the defined rules by SEO algorithms. Our developers and Team of Digital Marketing ensure that your site is totally SEO-centric.

Once the development is over, is it possible for me to update my website?

Completely! AvyaTech will train your administrators to make basic modifications, and updations to your website; so that you can independently keep your site in sync with your changing requirements. Your team does not require having coding knowledge to carry out these updations. For any other technical assistance, we are always there.

Is your company into website designing and development, both?

Yes, AvyaTech offers website designing and development services. We work with WordPress, Laravel, and other such advanced powerful CMS and tools to make outstanding websites. Rest assured, we design and develop customized sites that are specific to your business needs, taking into account the detailed specs provided by you.

How do you develop an e-commerce site?

Developing an ecommerce site is a completely different ballgame. To build a robust, failsafe and impressive e-commerce store, we work with different open-source platforms and PHP frameworks like Magento, WordPress, and Laravel. AvyaTech has its own team of proficient in-house developers who assess the requirements and then accordingly finish the work.

I want to get my site listed on Google. How to do it?

Your site needs to be SEO compliant with Google algorithms to feature on search engine results. Things like site indexing, optimizing content for Google, building links, having a mobile responsive site, optimizing for local searches, are few things to do. When you hire AvyaTech, we ensure that your site is SEO-friendly.

What happens in case I do not like the design of the site?

The designing stage involves multiple human elements at work. AvyaTech has a very flexible mode of working. At every stage, we share the minutes of discussion, our comments, and feedback, design formats, so that there is clarity. Additionally, there is a request for change, we will be happy to discuss and execute.

What is a dynamic website? And, what is the difference with a static website?

Dynamic websites feature content that keeps changing continuously. However, a static website contains information that does not change, until it is changed. The data in the case of dynamic websites resides in a database while static pages or sites are HTML-written. AvyaTech is an expert at both types of website development.

Is it possible to have an e-commerce system for my website?

Absolutely; setting up an e-commerce system from your website is definitely a viable option to get going with your online business. What you need is expertise to do the same. Avya Tech uses the latest tools and open-source CMS systems with which an e-commerce site can be set up fast and effectively.

Is it possible to accept credit cards on my website?

Yes, you can accept credit cards on your website. It involves working with the right payment processor, and also using the right open-source ecommerce development platform. AvyaTech has the competency in every field. We are experts at offering customized solutions and help you choose the right solution for your e-commerce website.

Is there any maximum limit on the number of webpages on my site?

There are no limits to the number of webpages on your site. As long as there is relevant, original and authentic content, you can upload as many pages as you want. AvyaTech ensures that your content is placed relevantly and helps you determine the pages that your site needs to have.

Can you update my existing website that has been developed by another company?

Yes, we can do it. Any website that has already been developed with an open-source framework can be easily updated and amended by Avya Tech. However, if the site has been developed by unique coding, then it is not possible to update the site. You need the codes in this case to get the updates done.

Is it possible to redesign my existing website?

Of course; we will study your current website, and assess the issues. We will also discuss your needs and requirements, the goals, and the objectives. Then, the process of redesigning the website and making modifications is undertaken. Avya Tech does exemplified work in this niche of reworking on your current website.