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Vue.js is a progressive, front-end JavaScript framework that web developers prefer to use for enhanced scalability, lightning-fast performance, and seamless user interfaces. Vue.js is simple and lightweight. That is why it is a big fit for having a quickened development. It is a versatile option for different web development projects. It simplifies and streamlines the procedure of making dynamic and interactive web apps.

Vue.js lives up to the promise. It provides tons of features in a couple of kilobytes. Thanks to them, you can create high-performance web apps or extend existing ones based on other JavaScript frameworks. No wonder, there are now a lot of Vue.js software developers. But this means that finding really good ones may be difficult. TSH makes it easy.


Build High-Quality Front-End Applications

Reinforce web development and discover the wide possibilities of Vue.js with Avya Technologies. Take advantage of Vue.js for creating lightweight and flexible web apps that suit all business needs. Enhance your digital presence with result-oriented, performant, lightweight, and budget-friendly apps.

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Get outstanding apps for Android, iOS, and web platforms with a high-performance framework. Elevate your business with responsive web apps that are efficient on all devices and run flawlessly on various browsers.

AvyaTech develops fast, performant, and responsive single-page web apps (data storage apps, CRM, project management, and resource management systems) with flexible and desktop-like user experience.

We develop highly scalable, robust, optimized, and lightweight interfaces for your Vue.js real-time apps that deliver stellar user experience and smooth functionality. Accelerate your Vue.js app development with us.

We simplify complex projects with custom Vue.js solutions so that you can build secure and scalable apps that suit your business needs. We create innovative solutions for custom needs within an optimal timeframe.

AvyaTech’s team of Vue.js experts and professionals know how to utilize the feature-rich ecosystem of Vue.js. We create dynamic and efficient portals with reusable components according to your changing requirements.

Migrate your website or data to Vue.js and unlock the hidden benefits of Vue’s scalability, efficiency, and enhanced performance. We do Vue.js migration with minimal disruption, no data damage, and zero downtime effort.

Our consistent and reliable Vue.js maintenance & support services ensure your Vue.js apps function smoothly and offer desired output round the clock. We are always open to responding to any query that needs an answer.

Our Success Stories

Real-World Success Stories through Accomplished Projects

  • Real Estate Agent Marketplace

We helped company grow their business with a responsive WordPress site

“Chandan Kumar and his team always seem to understand my needs provide excellent communication, and executes fast on new development features. I’ve started several internet companies in the last 15 years. I can say with a fact that Chandan Kumar and his team was one of the keys to my success!”

  • Our Storyz

Effortless Event Planning, Built for Speed and Scale.

OurStoryz, an innovative event-planning company based in the United States, envisioned a comprehensive platform redefining how individuals and organizations plan and manage their events. With a focus on creating memorable stories, OurStoryz aimed to provide a user-friendly application that simplifies the event planning process and enhances user experiences.

  • Carpet Exchange

Over 30 Years we’ve Been Offering the Widest Selection and Best Prices on Flooring in the Denver

Carpet Exchange, a prominent speciality floor-covering retailer in the USA, is a one-stop destination for flooring solutions. Carpet Exchange is a key player in the flooring industry with an extensive product catalog spanning categories like carpet, tile, area rugs, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl.

Hire Vue.js Developers

Hire the best and certified Vue.js developers and talent in your time zone and fast-track your Vue.js web development. We have certified experts for your app development needs. Our developers possess the right experience and skills required to build scalable apps. If you need best-fit tech solutions for changing Vue.js development needs, hire AvyaTech’s tech talent for your next project.



Fixed Cost

Man Month


We have worked with startups as well as established
companies in diverse sectors of the economy.



At Avya Technology, we gather client requirements and understand their vision



We analyze the best practices and tools for the project



Our experts will sit together to devise a cost-effective and efficient project


Design & develop

Craft user-centric designs and develop robust AngularJS applications


Test and deliver

Conduct thorough testing and deliver a polished, final website.

  1. 1

    At Avya Technology, we understand client requirements and project goals.

  2. 2

    At Avya Technology, we analyze best practices and the latest trends in Vue.js.

  3. 3

    Our experts create a detailed project roadmap and timelines.

  4. 4
    Design & Develop

    Craft user-friendly interfaces and robust Vue.js applications.

  5. 5
    Test And Deliver

    At Avya Technology, we understand client requirements and project goals.

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Frequently asked questions

Find quick answers to your most common questions.

What services do you offer for Vue.js development?

AvyaTech offers a Vue.js web app, single page app, real-time app development, and portal development services for your all project needs. We do offer custom Vue.js development, data migration, and maintenance & support services to build secure, intuitive, easy-to-use, and client-centric apps that directly meet your genuine business goals.

Why choose AvyaTech for Vue.js development?

We use innovative approaches to foster an ecosystem that inspires creativity, problem-solving, and out-of-the-box thinking. Our experienced developers stick to the best practices and concepts of Vue development services. As a Vue.js development company, we are client-centric and ensure clear transparency, communication, and regular updates. Our Vue.js solutions align with the client’s vision, success, and goals.

Can you help migrate my existing website to Vue.js?

Yes, we can. We have a team of Vue.js experts and developers who can easily migrate your existing website to the Vue.js website through a phased approach. Our app migration process consists of website assessment, scheduling, component development, testing, integration, and deployment.

Can you integrate Vue.js with backend technologies?

Yes, we can. Vue.js is a progressive framework for web development. This framework offers all-in-one integration with backend technologies. Our experts know how to utilize different patterns (REST APIs, GraphQL, and WebSockets) for backend communication. We integrate Vue.js with backend technologies to handle the backend functionality of your apps easily.

Do you provide custom component development in Vue.js?

Yes, we do. Web components in Vue.js are reusable and self-contained code pieces or web native APIs that help developers create reusable custom elements. We make your Vue.js app easy to maintain and scalable. Ask our developers for proper guidance on custom component development.

How do you ensure the performance of Vue.js applications?

We stick to the practice of lazy loading and code splitting in Vue.js to make your web app highly performant and deduct the bundle size. We also go for the Vue js; prefetch technique to download the resources. In addition, there are 3rd party library optimization, browser cache usage, image compression, image optimization, and precise bundle size that ensure app performance.

How much does it cost to develop a Vue.js application?

The cost of developing a Vue.js application is not fixed. It varies as per changing needs. The cost factor largely relates to project scope, complexity, deadline, time-to-market, and altering app development needs. Simply, share your project requirements with our tech expert and get an accurate cost estimation.

Do you offer support and maintenance for Vue.js projects?

Yes, we do. We offer round-the-clock support and maintenance services for Vue.js projects so that you don’t face any sort of performance issues due to technical glitches and lack of guidance. Under expert supervision, we troubleshoot all issues in the least amount of time, without compromising on quality.