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Best Ways to Speed Up WordPress Website Performance

Recently I had a talk with one of well know Australian based web development and web design company on how we can make or use our webspace as a best and continuous source of revenue. What the team suggested and discussed with me was really very beneficial and fruitful. I have strongly believed in their words that technology is an unbelievable thing and can do anything. Purchasing a webspace is not just enough, rather having a fully optimized space for search engines is much better than just having an online presence.

Although building a unique and functional website with high-quality content is also very challenging but challenges do not end here. In fact, real challenges start when your website leaves the competitors behind you and took place on the top pages of search engines and holds down its ranking position in the long run. I know like I, there are lots of people who are also struggling with find-ability.

The best team is the one who understands the user’s behaviors, instincts, problems, etc, and provides ultimate solutions that cover almost every requirement of the user. WordPress is a superb example of this. Produced by such a strong and active community of web developers and designers and constantly working on WordPress development services to make it a better end product. WordPress is a free platform used to build websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites, etc. I can read now what’s running in your mind is a free thing strong enough to offer better results for our business.

Free and easy things also require good technical knowledge and if it used effectively according to the guidelines set by the WordPress experts than a WordPress website can boom your business. The intention of writing this article is to explain the relationship between WordPress and SEO. In what ways we can improve the SEO of WordPress site and how WordPress can help us in optimization.

wordpress website performance

How SEO Becomes Easy in WordPress Websites

SEO is all about improving the volume or quality of traffic to your website from search engines. WordPress offers numerous tools, apps, and plugins to improve your website visibility in search engines.

  • Using heaps of plugins one of the common mistakes

Unnecessary use of WordPress plugins can lag the performance of a WordPress site and after reading the below explanation of plugins you can understand why we are not in favor to use a wide array of plugins.

One of the negative traits of the plugins is that they can major drags on the performance of a WordPress site as the JavaScript library is also loaded with plugins. That also increases the excessive and unnecessary work of CSS and JavaScript also loaded in the header. That is the biggest downside of plugins. Through plugins, HTML is used to resizing images that slowing down the site performance.


It’s not necessary that every plugging is perfectly fit for your website. Always recommended by the WordPress experts of Web Development Company in India, that before using any plugging search on WordPress Plugin Directory as there is no guarantee that every plugging will give a clear improvement to your website. Also, some of these plugins aren’t written well. So choose wisely what is good for your website. Sometimes plugins updating is also a good way to boost site performance as it can offer performance improved features too.

  • Have you installed the SEO plugin and enabled the rel=”canonical” tag for pages on your blog. It eliminates duplicate content issues from WordPress sites.
  • Install the caching plugin as it makes the website faster and reduces the load on the webserver. W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache is the most used caching plugins.

Half of the SEO Battle Can Be Won by the Quality and Interesting Content.

Enriched Content is always the most important step in the SEO process and also embeds keywords wisely in the content. Content is one of the crucial things that attract or create the interests of readers and can make them your regular readers/subscribers. If there is a need for content modification then modify it and if SEO results, after modification are still the same then it better, is to write and upload fresh content. Keep remembering Google does not understand any shortcut or what advanced technology you are using. It understands the uniqueness and quality of your content.

A sitemap is another important thing that contains links to all the pages on your site in the .xml format. Check if you have submitted the sitemap of your website as it helps to index your site content faster and easier way.

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