How to WordPress Import/Export Featured Images With Post

Do you ever noticed that when you use import export tool in WordPress to migrate data from one platform to another, the featured images not be included in the data. If you have a small site and blog then, of course, you can re-upload the featured images but don’t you think that it quite be waste of time to separately re-upload features image while you import/ export the entire data.

Well, this post will give you the solution about how to include featured image while you import/export data between two WordPress sites. Let’s get started to read out the steps that how to WordPress Import/Export Featured Images with post.

WordPress Import/Export Featured Images

1. Export All Blogs from Tools > Export option.

featured image wordpress

2. Export excel sheet to get ‘Featured Images of the posts’ by using ‘WP All Export Pro’ plugin.

featured image wordpress 2

3. Add filter rule

featured image wordpress 3

4. Select ID, title and click on ‘Add Field’ button. Then Add function code.

featured image wordpress 4

5. Select xls from ‘Export type’ dropdown then click on ‘Continue’ button.

6. Click to Run Export.

featured image wordpress 5

Import Posts:-

Step 1: Import posts from Tools > Import menu.

featured image wordpress 6

Step 2: Import Featured images of the post by using ‘WP All Import’ plugin.

Click on New Import.

featured image wordpress 7

Step 3:- Click on ‘Continue to Step 3’.


Step 4:-


featured image wordpress 9.1

Step 5:-

featured image wordpress 10

Step 6:-

featured image wordpress 11

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