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In the world of e-commerce, headless commerce is a game changer. It offers increased flexibility, enhanced performance, and personalized customer experiences.

What is headless eCommerce?

Headless commerce separates an e-commerce app’s front end (storefront and user experience) from the back end (business and data logic). This separation between front and backend architecture helps brands build whatever they want and enrich the customer experience. It creates a flexible, API-driven infrastructure to optimize experiences across mobile, web, and new touchpoints. It offers flexibility, speed, and agility by enabling faster iterations.

Growing importance of headless eCommerce for brands

Have a look at why headless commerce is highly beneficial for brands.

Efficiency improved

K2 Sports created unforgettable experiences for its outdoor enthusiasts by choosing headless. It helped K2 boost productivity by 50%, create sites 75% faster, and publish content 90% more quickly.

Scaled backend system

Burrow, a D2C furniture brand, utilized headless for a custom CMS on the front end. It helped the brand register a 30% hike in conversion rate in just 2 months, and ensure a 50% growth in site speed and performance.

Faster development cycle

Canvas 1839, an Austin-based CBD cream and lotion seller, chose headless for a CBD-supportive SaaS e-commerce platform. It helped the brand make things more efficient and quicker for marketers and developers.

Flexibility for customization

LARQ, a self-purifying water bottle seller, chose headless for total control over customer journey and content. It helped the LARQ see an 80% surge in conversion rate over 3 months, and register a 400% increase in revenue every year.

Faster site loading speed

Venus, a leading retailer of women’s apparel, adopted headless eCommerce for faster page load speed. Headless helped Venus get 70% of site pages loading in under a second, and see a 24% increase in conversion rate.

Revenue increase

Debenhams, a British multinational retailer, adopted headless for managing with consumer bouncing rate. Headless helped the brand see a 40% increase in mobile revenue, and register a 20% increase in the overall conversion rate.


Headless e-commerce helps companies enhance their online stores and manages seamless, custom user experiences across multiple channels. It lets businesses differentiate themselves in the market by offering unique shopping experiences.

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