Salient Features of the Magento e-Commerce Platform

Salient Features of the Magento e-Commerce Platform

A platform that was developed in 2007 and was released in 2008, powers more than 0.8% of all the websites that are present in the virtual medium. Currently, the platform has about a 1.4% market share of the total market that belongs to CMS (Content Management Software). Of the top 100,000 e-commerce sites, Magento is responsible for about 31.4% of these. No mean feat in a world that is full of advanced software and tools. You may be a Magento hardcore developer, a businessman, or a standard internet user, here are few facts about Magento that will reveal why this platform is so popular amongst the online community.

Magento is widely used and one of the most popular e-Commerce platforms around the globe. Here are some lesser-known Magento facts.

What is Magento? Most online merchants know that Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that comes with flexible and plentiful advantages over other comparable software.

interesting facts about magento ecommerce

Facts about Magento

Did you know that?

Magento is loved by developers and online merchants

No doubt about this fact because there are about 250,000 online stores that have been made using Magento. Agreed that others in the market are way ahead of Magento, like Woocommerce and Shopify, but the preference for Magento is multiplying with each passing year. The number of Magento sites doubled between 2017 and 2018. That is a big jump and a lot of the credibility for this goes to the people behind the sites – the online merchants, and of course, the Magento e-commerce development companies, developers, and their community.

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Some of the biggest brands have their online eCommerce stores developed using Magento

The biggest names in the industry have Magento-built stores online.

  • Samsung is a name that everyone knows of. The Korean giant has its Samsung Mobile Shop developed using Magento.
  • Ford is one of the most popular brands in the international automotive industry.
  • Helly Hansen is a top sportswear Norwegian brand that also makes gears for extreme sports. It has a total revenue of $650.8 million.
  • Fox Connect is an internationally well-known entertainment site.
  • Olympus is another well-known name, famous for its digital cameras. Its online e-commerce website is on Magento.
  • Liverpool FC is a football club that the entire world knows of. Its clothing brand is developed using Magento.

The list is ever increasing which indicates that the platform is extremely reliable, with a steady and robust framework because of which such leading brands depend on Magento development services.

Facts About Magento eCommerce Platform

As per a report from Google, the word ‘Magento’ was searched more than ‘eCommerce’

This is as per Google searches online. Since 2008, the search engine has been asked more about Magento than about e-commerce, which does not come as a surprise because of the growing popularity of the platform.

The community consists of 200,000 developers and it is ever-growing

You are never alone when you are working with Magento. There are many credible and leading top-of-the-line web development companies that have dedicated developers who are always ready to help online merchants with creating their e-commerce websites.


The Average Order Value (AOV) of sites developed using Magento lies in the range of $180-$196

The 250,000 merchants who have their online stores are making more than $155 billion each year. How are they doing so? To a great extent, it is the flexibility of the platform that can be credited for such performances. Product customization and setting up payment options are a child’s play here. Also, using Magento it is possible to handle shipping, customer friendliness, content, the appearance of the store, intuitive backend, and functional aspects.

Every day Magento gets downloaded at least 5,000 times

The year when Magento was launched, it was downloaded 500,000 times. As per official records published by the platform, there are about 5,000 downloads every day. That is a stupendous achievement for the platform, with1.8 million in the entire year. This is the official figure; hundreds of pirated versions get downloaded every day. This Magento fact goes onto say something about the immense popularity of the medium.

The Magento user base is all set to reach a new record in 2020

This year, 2020, is all set to achieve new heights for this e-commerce platform. The expected growth rate is expected to be about 200%. What this fact about Magento says indicates is the growing trust in the user base for the medium. Today, the platform is growing at a neck-breaking speed of almost three times that of any other average platform.

There are a plethora of themes on Magento to choose from

One of the most powerful features of Magento is that it offers an exhaustive range of themes to the end-user. So, whether you are a Magento eCommerce development company or an online merchant, it means that you have a resource that you can use as per your business needs. Starting from themes that cost nothing to themes that cost about $200, you get the choice that is elaborate, reliable, creative, and trendy.

In 2018, Adobe went ahead and acquired Magento for $1.6biion

eBay sold off Magento in the year 2018 to Adobe. Adobe, we all know, is a leader in the creative and multimedia niche in the software industry. It is a name to reckon with and Magento is definitely going to gain a lot from this acquisition. It is a big thing and hopefully, the new association is going to bring in multiple newer feats to Magento.

The platform has more than 1300 official partners spread across the world.

The selection criteria of a Magento e-commerce website development services company is not very straight-forward. It involves a strict process of shortlisting the company but once done, the partner is offered complete support and training to professionally represent the company.

Magento platform is extremely well-suited for e-commerce development. These Magento facts here prove that features like flexibility, adaptability, simplicity, and clarity are a big plus for developers and the Magento e-commerce development companies.

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