Unified Brilliance – Our Cross-Functional Project Team

AvyaTech successfully delivered a user-oriented and feature-rich Event Planner platform that matches with exact needs cost, time-to-market, user-friendliness, and satisfaction of the client.

Happy Client. Enhanced Event Planning Experience.

Using modern and efficient tech stack helped the client get an efficient, scalable, and fast app for event management. Users experienced a streamlined event planning process with the added advantage of a storytelling feature, making each event a memorable story.

  • User Authentication
  • Organization Management
  • Media Gallery
  • Payment Gateways

1 DevOps Engineer

2 Frontend Developers

2 Backend Developers

1 System Architect

1 Project Manager

1 QA Engineer

1 Designer

Key Features of OurStoryz

The comprehensive calendar and timeline feature in OurStoryz ensures organized event planning and execution efficiently. It lets users manage their schedules fast with customizable views and intuitive navigation. This feature lets users stay on top with notifications and reminders that confirm that users never miss vital appointments and deadlines.

With integrated geospatial features for event location planning, OurStoryz increases the overall event experience for navigation tools and accurate mapping. Now, users can find ideal venues for their occasions, like local gatherings and destination events. With geofencing capabilities, organizers can send location-based alerts and set up virtual boundaries. That is why it enhances event engagement and safety.

The unique feature empowers account owners to manage guest lists, send invites, and track RSVPs efficiently. It has built-in tools for better engagement and communication, allowing all users an enjoyable and seamless experience for their targeted guests. In addition, the guest management feature also has attendee preferences and profiles so that event organizers can easily personalize their event experience and customize their offers as per changing guest needs.

The specific feature is ideal for simplifying the invitation process by utilizing an integrated RSVP management system for better event planning. Users can use this feature to streamline the event planning process by creating personalized invitations, tracking responses, and managing guest attendance. Moreover, advanced features, including automated reminders and follow-up emails, assist all organizers in augmenting RSVP rates and diminishing no-shows. It is beneficial for a successful and well-attended event.

This feature provides analytical tools and reports and offers real-time insights into event planning and attendance. With the help of this report management feature, all users can detect trends, track key metrics, and make informed decisions for event strategy optimization. In addition, it comes with exportable data formats and customizable reporting dashboards that allow organizers to measure the success of their events and share insights with stakeholders against pre-defined parameters.

This feature is an excellent addition for people who love to preserve memories. It helps decide a visual journey of events via a media gallery. It allows users to create keepsake albums. Now, uploading photos and videos to create personalized experiences with friends and family is effortless. This feature also has advanced editing tools and filters that let users develop professional-looking albums and enhance their photos to show event highlights.

This exciting feature enables all users to celebrate their loving memories via personalized albums. The keepsake album feature helps users create a visual narrative by uploading photos and capturing videos effortlessly. With the help of seamless integration and intuitive uploading tools, users can preserve cherished moments. This feature can make every moment unforgettable and transform ordinary-looking events into timeless keepsakes, be it birthdays, weddings, or corporate gatherings.

This unique feature offers a secure and integrated messaging system that facilitates communication between event organizers and attendees. Be it sending updates or reminders, this message system is vital in ensuring seamless communication throughout the event lifecycle. Plus, it has automated messaging templates and scheduling options that organizers can use to deliver relevant information and streamline communication processes.

This feature facilitates seamless collaboration among organizations for reorganizing process planning for events. When used smartly, this feature lets organizations coordinate events effectively with the help of centralized management tools and permissions-based access. When users integrate this feature with popular project management collaboration tools and platforms, they can leverage existing workflows and processes to execute and plan successful events.

Story and Event Management:

Including this feature helps users create and manage stories with a storytelling approach and the flexibility to organize multiple events. Now, users can curate and share their unique narratives conveniently. Moreover, this distinctive feature has storytelling tools and customizable story templates that enable all users to craft persuasive narratives that ensure faster audience engagement and create memorable event experiences with a lasting imprint.

This feature is concerned with Integrated Stripe for one-time and monthly subscription payments. It ensures a safe and seamless payment process. All users can trust OurStoryz to manage transactions efficiently and securely. In addition, this feature comes with consistent support for multiple payment methods and currencies. That is why organizers cater to diverse audience preferences. They can also streamline the payment experience for event attendees. This way, it enhances overall satisfaction and engagement.

The best part of the user authentical feature is that it ensures secure and seamless user access. That is why they maintain the privacy of individual and event-related information. Using JWT, this feature assists in user identity verification and maintenance of the confidentiality of personal and event-related information. It is a great tool for user privacy and security, with multi-factor authentication options and account recovery processes. Hence, it lets users protect their accounts and data from unwanted access and get mental peace throughout the event planning and attendance process.


OurStoryz not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, providing a cutting-edge solution that has transformed the event planning experience in the United States. The application’s success can be attributed to the careful selection of technologies thoughtful feature integration, and a commitment to delivering a greater user experience.