Advantages of Mobile Apps Over the Website

Advantages of Mobile Apps Over the Website

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Data suggests that almost 51.92% of the online traffic, across the world, is generated from mobile devices; and this does not include tablets. This trend has been there for the past three or more years; and as the mobile networks grow in strength and more businesses move from responsive websites to developing their mobile apps ie. advantages of mobile apps, the dependency on mobile devices is going to further escalate.

Mobile apps are interesting and lively, as a result, they engage better with the user; while the bespoke content delivered by the apps helps in providing an awesome browsing experience to the user. To be precise, there are numerous advantages of mobile apps over websites.

Benefits of Mobile Apps Over Website for User

79% of smartphone users have been using their mobile devices for purchasing products online. The convenience quotient of apps comes from the fact that apps are downloadable and get installed on the device.

With the number of mobile users expected to go beyond 5.07 billion across the world this year, it is the perfect opportunity to win a percentage of the audience through a mobile app developed by a leading mobile application development company in India. On the face of it, both, mobile apps and websites look the same, but there are huge differences.

Mobile apps can perform actions much quicker than responsive websites. Here are the major advantages of mobile apps over websites that you must know before hiring the services of an app developer.

benefits of mobile apps

1. Apps on mobile devices are exceptionally fast and seamless

For every business today, it is the end-user that matters the most. And, surprisingly, all businesses today have realized that the majority of their users are on their mobile devices.

Researchers point out that apps work at least 1.5 times quicker than websites. Why can they do so? This is because the user’s data is stored locally on the mobile. This is why the data is retrieved at neck-breaking speed. Compare this with the way the data is fetched by a website. You will find that it takes several seconds for this to happen since the data takes time to travel from the web server, where it is stored. The data retrieval speed is dependent on the speed of the network.

The other thing why websites take more time is because they run on JavaScript while apps use frameworks – this makes the apps at least five times faster.

2. Apps can be accessed even when the user is offline

One big benefit of mobile apps is that the user can access them anytime, even when the Wi-Fi or the Mobile Network is not working. A single tap on the app icon is enough to get the app started on your device.

While the app will not be able to show the latest information, users can see basic content and stored information without being connected to the internet. Things like news or a game that does not require an internet connection can be immediately started. However, functionalities like payments or notifications can be accessed through the app only when the user is online.

With a website, however, you can browse only when connected to the internet.

3. Custom-made content

One of the biggest advantages of mobile apps is that native apps offer tailor-made content and communicate it the way that the user understands and loves to hear. What is the advantage? The user gets to view or experience the app in a manner that he is delighted by the experience. How is the app able to personalize the user data? It is based on the interest, the location, and the behavior of the user. The users are usually requested to set-up their preferences at the beginning itself when they download the app.

Apps are made for personalization because – one, this way they offer optimized user experience; and second, helps in enhanced conversion rate.

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4. Presence of additional features that act as an advantage of mobile apps over websites

Since the app is saved on the mobile device, there are additional features that you can build into the app like the camera scanning the PFDs and Bar Codes, GPS connectivity when the location is switched on, or the location can be used for reading the compass, and so on.

Fingerprint scanning as a security feature is slowly being used in apps based on this functionality. All these features are not seen on a website.

5. Mobile apps can be used for branding purposes

While the website offers limited capabilities when it comes to brand-specific design features, with mobile apps, the job becomes very easy. A reliable mobile app development company of the likes of AvyaTech can design and develop apps that are more user-friendly and have functionalities that are as per your preference and brand standards. While this can be done on the website too, with apps the scope of branding is much more and unlimited.
The best part is that the app becomes your 24×7 brand representative through and through.

6. Apps provide more user immersive and engaging content

Starting from answering customer queries, support, and assistance, to updating status about a delivery, payment, and more, apps are better because the interaction is very person-specific. This means that the user does not get unnecessary information and receives data or content that is personalized for his consumption and understanding.

7. Presence of mobile apps enhances your website SEO too

Google algorithms give a lot of importance to your app content. By having an optimized app developed, you can promote the ranking of your site on search page results.

8. With apps, it is possible to send push notifications

One of the biggest advantages of mobile apps is that through apps companies can be sent instant updates and notifications through the push method. The notifications and updates are sent based on user preferences that the user inputs when the app is downloaded.

With more and more apps making a way in the market and user dependency on apps increasing, it is pertinent that all businesses, be it B2B or B2C, get their mobile applications developed so that they can leverage the potential of this technology to the maximum.

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