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My Staff Your Staff is a dedicated, certified QuickBooks and Peachtree advisor with over 25 years of experience in the accounting industry. The company offers affordable rates that may save you nearly 50% of what you pay for the luxury of a full-time staff with benefits. The company can make a big difference to your changing accounting needs with the following: QuickBooks help, training and teaching QuickBooks, Peachtree/Sage accounting, QB Enterprise, Hardhat, Computer Ease, and Master Builder.

My Staff, Your Staff Expert can help you achieve accounting goals with the following added benefits: Complete privacy and confidentiality to clients’ data; completion of all tasks in a timely, professional, attentive and courteous manner; cost effective administrative, accounting and business support; and helping clients achieve their goals and get customer satisfaction. You can expect these solutions with clients services: Accounts Payable –Bills & Payments; Account Receivables –Invoices & Collections; Payroll –Pay checks, HR & Tax reporting; Financial Statement –Printing, reporting, reconciling; and Construction –Job Costing, Certified P/R, AIA, Draw Schedules, Margin Sheets, etc.

Client Ben Auten of Texas-based accounting and bookkeeping management and consulting company was interested in launching an application for Technology Automation, Training, Business Management, and consulting of accounting software programs, such as QuickBooks and Sage.

Client was not happy with the performance and overall functionality of HTML-based static website and was looking for a reliable website development company. The prime object of the company was to make the website look professional with elements of performance, integration, and optimization of the website as per changing business needs of client and accounting needs of its targeted audience respectively. The client awarded Avya Tech its website development project and expected it to came out with elements of a dynamic application, free blog feature, code optimization, performance tuning, content update and management, and Google Analytics integration.

The Challenge

After being awarded the project, AvyaTech analyzed the existing website thoroughly and found loopholes responsible for the poor performance of the website.  As the website was not a fit for the online world and missed elements of perfection and visibility, AvyaTech formulated a strategy and took the following challenges into consideration:

  • Already existing static website was HTML-based.
  • The company was using paid services for Blog than a free one.
  • Site performance was really slow and unimpressive.
  • There was a proper need of updating and managing content.
  • The website was not properly available to be tracked on Google.

The Solution

We put every aspect into the consideration and accepted the challenge. Our focus was only on clients’ genuine demands. To make things happen in the client favor, we solved the puzzle with the following strategy:

  • Converted existing HTML site to WordPress as a dynamic application
  • Got free from paid services by using blog feature of wordPress
  • Optimization of code and performance tuning and increase site performance
  • Client can easily manage and update all contents himself
  • Website made SEO friendly and integrated with Google Analytics

Public User Interface

Deals with Conversion of existing HTML site to WordPress as a dynamic application

Admin Interface

Backend management of widgets for text, categories etc.


  • PHP
  • WordPress

Project Information

  • Client:

    Ben Auten

  • Launch:

    November 2016

  • Website:


  • Tag:

    CSS, Google Analytics, HTML5, JQuery, MySQL, Responsive Web Design, Sage Theme, WordPress

My staff Your Staff

My staff Your Staff

MyStaffYourStaff.com an accounting firm in Austin, Texas (US) approached my company to help them re-platform their website to WordPress. Shortly after I contacted Chandan and the team at Avyatech to help with the transfer. The service they provided was fast, accurate and genuinely top notch. The website was transferred successfully on the first attempt, leaving both me and my Client 100% satisfied with the result

Ben A.
Owner, ShadowComm Web Solutions

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