About Client/Project

Client Paul Johnson from Australia was interested in having the services of a web development company for the purpose of form development. This web form development project is concerned with the forms useful for collecting information from various resources and email that information directly to email addresses. An advanced form sends the information to a database for collecting, viewing, or downloading to computer.

The collaboration between Datatel and Ayva Tech is almost 4 years long as Avya Tech started things as a freelancer at the initial stage. Then, it impressed the client with the assignment of form development in application development. After this, Datatel asked Avya Tech to take things ahead and work at a large scale. It will not be wrong to say that Avya Tech came into existence because of Datatel, to some extent.

Since then, the web form development project has witnessed the creation of more than 100 forms till date. The project was actually started with just the creation of a single form. Now it has web application forms and it is handled by 4 members of development team, and they have been managing the project for last 4 years. Basically, it is a type of project where client provides interfaces associated with its vendors.

DATATEL Electrical & Communications is a specialist electrical and communications contracting company with a national presence. Came into existence in 1998, the company has grown progressively and has a team of over 180 skilled integrators, project managers, electricians, and technicians. Acquired by SCEE an ASX listed Company (SXE) in June 2016 expands our capabilities supported by first class business systems.

DATATEL is an innovative company operating in the telco, mining, commercial, health, education and aged care sectors providing a vast variety of specialist services and solutions. DATATEL is a long-standing member of the National Electrical & Communications Association (NECA) and BICSI which is an international professional association supporting the ICT Industry.

The Challenge

Datatel hired us as a developer of web application for creating various forms related to the vendors of its organization. The project’s prime demand was creation of custom forms as an application that can be successfully used by mobile and ipads.

When we started the project 4 years ago, web codes were unstructured and messed up at the initial level. We started the project with a single form development which was a very complex form with multi dependency and nested forms. And following were the basic needs to be implemented within a process related to:

  • Activity track on the basis of available tasks
  • Customer support for ticket management
  • Email template management; Manage additional tasks
  • Multiple cron jobs; Report generation CSV and PDF
  • Requirement gather process, new form processing, implementation of process
  • Resources allocation; Technician timesheet allocation
  • Task Management and assign to appropriate person
  • Technician visit; Timesheet management

The Solution

We have been working with Datatel for last 4 years and implemnting all challenges mentioned and maintaining the complete ERP. For all this, we gave preferene to the following technologies: PHP, MySQL, Asana, BambooHR, Google Drive, Ajax, JavaScript, JQuery, MailGun, Rollbar, Simpro, TCPDF, Webmerge.

We not only successfully completed all proper and structural standard of coding but also nested forms for each and every requirement of Datatel. We developed various more than 100 forms to fulfill various Datatel requirements listed below:

  • Activity track on the basis of available tasks
  • Customer support for ticket management; email template management
  • Manage additional tasks; multiple cron jobs; report generation CSV and PDF
  • Requirement gather process, new form processing, implementation of process,
  • Resources allocation; task management and assign to appropriate person
  • Technician timesheet allocation; technician visit; timesheet management


  • JQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP

Project Information

  • Client:

    DATATEL (Paul Johnson)

  • Launch:

    Date: 15th Oct 2015

  • Website:


  • Tag:

    Ajax, API Service, Asana, BambooHR, Google Drive, JavaScript, MailGun, PHP, Rollbar, Simpro, TCPDF, Webmerge

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